​When the last Bell rang it was like a soft music to my ears as college was going to be off for about 3 months. The excitement was not measurable. The to-do list for vacations was already written down. But what I didn’t know that these months will be more than enough for the list. All the list was checked and nothing was left. Then I entered the boredom. 

Boredom to me is scrolling the Facebook news feed up and down again and again; not to mention there’s nothing new or interesting, checking WhatsApp several times to see if anyone has texted you lol #forever_alone. 😁

To free yourself from boredom you’ve to be creative so that you can find yourself something new to do; ofcorse in which your interest lies.

A few tips to help you free yourself from boredom:

1- Start morning walk with any of your family member or friend. It’ll freshen up your mood and you’ll be more creative whole day. 

2- Make something special and new for breakfast apart from the regular breakfast. For yourself or for the ones living with you. 

3- Check your belongings if they’re in organised form. If not then organise them.

4- Do some socialising, not on Facebook, Twitter etc 😩but in real 😉

5- Start decorating your house. 

6- If you’re interested in computer then start learning new languages or photoshop etc

7- Play sports. 

8- Read novels or books of your interest.

9- Start a blog 😅 that’s actually what I did. 

Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading. 😊 

Post your reviews in comments. 


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